Besides Finlandia 2017 exhibition Tampere is worth visiting widely. The city provides a lot of sights and culture. 

Basic information about Tampere

The Tampere Region is one of Finland's fastest growing centres. It consists of Tampere and the surrounding municipalities of KangasalaLempääläNokiaOrivesiPirkkalaVesilahti and Ylöjärvi. Tampere has a population of more than 220,000 while there are close to half a million people in the greater Tampere Region. The population of Finland is a little more than five million.

Tampere was founded by Sweden's young monarch, Gustavus III, in 1779. Tampere has a monumental industrial history: the Finlayson cotton mill was the first large-scale industrial enterprise in Finland and it was in fact in fact in Finlayson's factory hall that the first electric light in the Nordic countries was lit.

Today Tampere can be described as a centre of leading-edge technology, research, education, culture, sports and business. It is Finland's third largest city as well as the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. Tampere is located on an isthmus between lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, in a beautiful ridge scenery. The Tammerkoski rapids are a nationally recognized landscape and in the city centre you can also enjoy the awarded lighting at Keskustori Central Square.

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Sights and Activities

Tampere city center is compact: all major tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and shops are within a convenient walking distance.

The main tourist attractions in the city are the historical cityscapes along Tammerkoski rapids and Keskustori (Central Square), Finlayson and Tampella industrial heritage areas and Särkänniemi Amusement Park that also features the landmark Näsinneula tower, topped by a revolving restaurant (left in the picture below).

Other sites of interest include the historical Pispala and Pyynikki districts, Tampere Market Hall and the open-air markets Tammelantori and Laukontori, Tampere Cathedral with its iconic artwork by the symbolist painter Hugo Simberg and the Medieval Messukylä Church. Among the most scenic places in Tampere are Pyynikki nature conservation and recreation area, Pyynikki Observation Tower and Hatanpää Arboretum. Also worth a visit is the new Hotel Torni Tampere with its sky bar.

Tampere is home to many museums, including Tampere Art Museum, Sara Hildén Art Museum, Lenin Museum, Police Museum, Spy Museum, Finnish Labour Museum Werstas and the excellent Vapriikki Museum Centre with its various exhibitions.

Thanks to its location in the midst of a lake labyrinth (around 200 lakes within the city limits!); water is a quintessential element of Tampere. The great lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi dominate the cityscape along with the ridge formations on the isthmus separating the two lakes. Viikinsaari Island, the local summer getaway, is just a short ferry ride from the city center, and ferry cruises to Hämeenlinna and the small towns north of Tampere are a popular summer activity.

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