The Grand Prix winners of FINLANDIA 2017


Grand Prix FINLANDIA 2017

Jean Voruz, Switzerland: Geneva Postal Services 1839-1862


Grand Prix International

Joseph Hackmey, United Kingdom: Classic Romania


Grand Prix National

Erkki Toivakka, Finland: Finland 1856-1875


PALMARES Catalogue (Bulletin 3) (revised 3th July)


Corrections to the Palmarès Catalogue

(8th June 2017)

1) The corrected exhibitor and title of the exhibit 11062 in the Literature Class: Klime Popovski (FYROM): Small Philatelic Lexicon. This exhibit received Silver Medal with 73 points.

2) The Special Prize SP 9 donated by Jukka Mäkinen was allotted to the exhibit 2218 / Jan Huys-Berlingin (Liechtenstein): The First three stamps of Belgium 1849: the 'Epaulettes* and the 'Medallions* 40c.

3) The one-frame exhibit 2329 / Barrie Wright (United Kingdom): Palestine - The First Typographed Stamp Issue 1918-1920 received 62 points (instead of 50 points as listed in the Palmarès Bulletin 3). 



Thank you all 380 visitors for joining the Festive dinner Palmarès!

Photo:Tampere Convention Bureau