Special Invited Class

Gustaf Douglas (Sweden): Philatelic Gems of Classic Finland – the Oval Issue

Bank of Finland Museum: Finland's Independence period's Finnish markka bills

Raimo Peltonen in memoriam: The Stamped Paper Issues from 1865 and 1866

Kaj Hellman in memoriam: Agathon Fabergé and the 1866 Issue of Finland

Marcus Olli: Tampere local post 1866-1881

Kari Salonen: Postmasters' Pen-and-Ink Cancellations on Issues 1856 and 1860 in Tampere

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The most important item of Finnish philately: 4 pairs of the 1856 5kopeck oval on a cover. (Gustaf Douglas: Philatelic Gems of Classic Finland – the Oval Issue)


Exhibits relating to the 1917 Independence of Finland

Jussi Tuori: Winning the Independence – Glimpses of Finnish Postal History 1556–1920

Finnish Postal Museum (Postimuseo): The Making of the Model Saarinen

Jussi Tuori: The First Postal Stationery of Independent Finland 1917–1929

Matias Frimodig: The Railway tax stamps of Finland 1915-1917

Ari Muhonen: Finland, 1918

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Court of Honour

Gems from the collections of Queen Elizabeth II

Museum Class

Gems from the collections of the Finnish Postal Museum

Mauritius Post Office is one of the most valuable stamps in the world. Image reproduced by gracious permission of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to whom copyright belongs. 10 kopek block of four: adjoining images that are upside down to each other, a peculiar placement known as tête-bêche. Known only three pieces in the world.