Finlandia 2017 Medal


A design competition of the FINLANDIA 2017 -medal was arranged in co-operation with the Finnish Guild of Medal Arts. This competition was won by a sculptor and designer Pekka Rytkönen.

The front side of his FINLANDIA 2017 -medal describes the philatelic culture, a postcard with a stamp and philatelic equipment. A group of philatelist has gathered by their favorite hobby with their stamps and tools. The subject, however, is not just the tools but the people - the collectors - behind these tools.

On the rear side of the medal the picture of "Finland Card" shows the calm and relaxed view of the archipelago, theme scenery of the 100 years old independent Finland. The view reflects the design of the 1930 pictorials stamp, the stamp used to produce the best-known Finnish stamp, the Zeppelin overprint.



Grand prizes

The three Grand Prizes of FINLANDIA 2017 include modern Finnish Glass Art created by a recognized Finnish artist Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen. She has also been pictured in a stamp booklet issued in 2010.

Grand Prix FINLANDIA 2017

Grand Prix International

Grand Prix National


Special prizes

A variety of special prizes have been donated by individuals and organizations. Finlandia 2017 organization wishes to thank all the donors for their generosity. 


The Foundation for Promoting Finnish Philately:
"Vuodet" by Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen
Eeva and Raimo Peltonen Fund:
"Vuodet" by Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen
ET Chairman Jussi Tuori, RDP:
"Sointu" by Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen


Rare Monaco coin set of 2011
issued for the Princely Wedding


Åhus Glas
Swedish Philatelic Federation

Australian Philatelic Federation:
Gallipoli 1915 – Centenary of WWI (Gold mini sheets with ordinary sheet – Limited to 250 copies)


 Australian Philatelic Federation: 
Australian Waterbirds – Limited Edition of 750 sets of stamps and matching gold foil stamps


Bund Deutscher Philatelisten:
 Belarus Philatelic Federation:
wooden sculpture of a bison
Fédération Française des Associations Philatéliques
Federation of Philatelic Societies of Ireland: bronze statue of "Cuchulain", a legendary warrior of Irish mythology 
Jean Voruz, Switzerland
Book issued by Henri Grand (1927-2016): "Swiss Cancellations 1843-1854 and rarities of this period"
 Philatelic Society of Egypt
 Austria, Verband Oesterr. Philatelisten-Vereine:
the first issue of the Austrian stamps 1850 – 1 Kreuzer, gold plated in a frame
Konstantin Filobok, Commissioner Russia: 
Palekh casket
Slovenian Philatelic Association
beehive panel, a typical piece of Slovene folk art 
Norsk Filatelistforbund:
Tin bowl

Carat vase
The Royal Belgian Federation of Philatelic Associations:
The book "From the Azores to New Zealand"
by Patrick Maselis
Association of British Philatelic Societies: 
Framed montage of postage stamps from a number of European countries and USA and Australia from the years just before the First World War.
Heikki Kähäri:
Ceramic art by Heljä Liukko-Sundström
"Home window" (1992)
Heikki Kähäri:
Ceramic art by Heljä Liukko-Sundström keramiikkataulu
"Bank court" (1988)
 Hungarian Philatelic Federation:
Vase from Zsolnay Co
 OC Chairman Jukka Mäkinen:
Crystal Vase 
 Federacion Española de Sociedades Filatelicas:
“Menina”, work of artistic ceramics
by Ana Clavero
 Jenny & Norman Banfield, New Zealand:
Maori Waka Huia

Portuguese Philatelic Federation 
Hellenic Philatelic Federation, Greece:
The book: From Pentelicon to the Parthenon
John Godfrey:
"Aika" by Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen 
The Danish Philatelic Federation:
Graphic art by Britt May Hansen


Agathon Fabergé picture


Tampere Ice Hockey team Tappara player Pekka Saravo's real jersey with an autograph
Italian Federation of Philatelic Society (F.S.F.I):
Special Silver Plate with Finlandia 2017's Logo


The Unique Saucer contains the oldest letter (1599) in the Postal Museum, engraved and blown by hand. Design: Päivikki Hyytinen.
Aalto vase
American Philatelic Society:
Bronze statue of a cowboy on a bucking bronco
Swiss Federation of Philatelic Societies


  • Nicos Rangos, Cyprus
  • Tomo Katuric, Montenegro
  • Åland Post Ab
  • Israel Philatelic Federation
  • Union of the Bulgarian Philatelists