FINLANDIA 2017 will provide the dealers with a number of stand options. Stand sizes are from 4m2 up to 20m2.


Dealer stands can be reserved by filling in the form below and returning it by email to esa.karkas[at]



  • The construction works of some parts of exhibition venue will be completed as late as 2016 - the final layout of dealer stands will be available later only.
  • The selection of dealer stands will be made in the order or reservations received: "first come - first served". The options/extensions for the reservation (see the form) can be completed later, too. Act fast to ensure a good slot in the selection queue!
  • Depth of the stand space can be either 2m or 3m. The 2m option is in practise deeper than that, since the tables are located in the front of the space.
  • Discount 10% to the members of IFSDAThe discount is applicable to the floor space price (170 euro/m2, VAT 0%) only, not the possible options/extensions.
  • Every dealer and their assistants must register to the exhibition in order to get the pass to the exhibition. You can also register to the event program and book your tickets for the special events, like Palmares dinner.